Historic British cars come ashore in Rhode Island

1955–1957 Triumph TR3

1955–1957 Triumph TR3. Image by DineshAdv

Often, we look for something that connects with our passion, that is exciting, that is new, and is beautiful to look at. Summer is just about here and, in Rhode Island, summer is the season. But how often does something spectacular and new come along?

There is one new event -well, almost new, it’s in its 2nd season – that takes place this week, June 9th-12th, 2016 in Bristol and it’s the British Motorcar Festival. The festival features stunning examples of classic British cars along with a scenic rally, a street party and, of course, the awards presentation.

To give you an idea of what to look forward to, I’ve compiled a list of the cars you’re most likely to see and what makes them so special.


1963 Morgan Plus4 Drophead

1963 Morgan Plus4 Drophead. Image by Ramgeis

Morgan (affectionately known as Moggies)

Founded in 1910, Morgan makes their cars by hands and has a waiting list if you’re inclined to get yourself a new one. The started making 3 wheel cars called cyclecars and, at the time, owners were able to sidestep the car tax by being classified as motorcycles.

Morgan’s first 4 wheel car came about in 1936 and was called the Morgan 4-4 Series 1. Morgan is still making cars today and are a very rare company in that their new cars, if you look quickly, look very much like their old cars. Come on, how cool is that.

Morgan Aeromax

Morgan Aeromax. Image by Brian Snelsonlook quickly, look very much like their old cars. Come on,






1955 Triumph TR2

1955 Triumph TR2. Image by Charles01


Let’s go back in time to 1885, to when Triumph started as a bicycle, then a motorcycle company. In 1921, they made their first road car, the Triumph 10/20. Unable to compete with more mass-market auto producers, they decided on making expensive cars in smaller numbers, starting with the models Southern Cross and Gloria. The last Triumph rolled off in 1981 and the name itself disappeared in 1984.
But, if you want to see a Triumph TR2, Triumph TR3, Triumph Spit. fire, this
weekend is a fantastic opportunity.


Austin Healry 100-4

Austin Healry 100-4. Image by Stahlkocher

Austin Healey

A style that epitomizes the classic British sports car. Healey’s had a very short run, going from 1952 to 1972 but still managed to leave a legendary mark. Part elegance, part speed, sporting the iconic wire wheels. And, yeah, it was raced at Le Mans, Sebring.




1939 MG WA 2.6-litre sports saloon

1939 MG WA 2.6-litre sports saloon. Image by Charles01


It is thought that the name “MG” comes from the initials in Morris Garages where the first cars produced were used as a sales promotion. Don’t worry, it got better. The beginning of the company is thought to be in 1923, nobody is 100% sure.

MG’s have gone through radical transformations through the decades, from their mid 1920’s saloons, to the 1955 MG TF, up to the mid 1970’s MGB.


Many other classic British sports cars will be in the show. Perhaps some Aston Martins, Jaguar E Types, Bentleys and, of course, Mini’s.

We’ll be at the festival and we’ll be updating our site with pictures of the best of the best. I can’t think of many better ways to spend a Sunday in June, except maybe driving a Healey, or an original Mini, when Mini was mini.

Find out more about the British Motorcar Festival.

Author: Pumadove

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