Thrifty Parking-lot Show from 1954

Thrifty parking lot show - classic custom carsDid you notice the beautiful colors of these classic customs? Did you notice that this car show was in 1954? Rik Hoving, from Custom Car Chronicle did a phenomenal job colorizing this photo, as well as chronicling the details and stories of the classics in this picture. How often are we treated to such a unique look at a moment in history? You’ll get a chance to read about each car in this timeless picture and test your knowledge by seeing if you can identify these beauties.

“In May 1954 the Lords Car Club organized a free one day outdoor Car Show at the Thrifty Drug Store in Los Angeles. The Customs they gathered for this even were the best of the best.”

“One of the most incredible photos of the Golden Age of Custom cars must be the birds eye view photo taken in 1954 at the Thrifty drug store in Los Angeles. This single photo shows no less than 12 top rate Custom Cars and four more Hot Rods parked together at a free outdoor show. The photo was professionally taken from the roof of the Thrifty drug store on Rodeo Rd and LA Brea on May 14, 1954. All the cars are as good as Crystal clear and sharp, and we are able to see them from an angle we usually don’t see.”

Read the full article here (and see if you can identify the cars in the picture):  Thrifty Parking-lot Show from 1954

Author: Pumadove

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